Yichen He

Email: yhe20@sheffield.ac.uk


I completed my MSc in advanced computer science in 2015 and began my PhD in Animal and Plant Science at the University of Sheffield in 2016.

The title of my PhD thesis is “Computational approaches to automated phenomics for biodiversity science.”

My current research aims to characterise phenotypic data for MicroCT scans of zebra finches. Unlike height and weight, many morphological traits are multi-dimensional and while measurable, typically require simplification resulting in metrics for complex traits that are proxies for the structure or trait that they represent. The next step will be analysing the phenotype data with genotypes. As there are large amounts of genotypic and phenotypic data, it is important to develop fast, high-throughput and accurate methods to study the link between phenotype and genotype.

Research Interests

I am interested in computer graphics, computer vision, machine learning.

Videos of some previous research: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbEmeKPxkxjZ0ft5J8hFoMw