About the group

The Macroevolution research team is led by Dr Gavin Thomas, and consists of 3 post-doctoral researchers (Dr Chris Cooney, Dr Joseph Brown and Dr Jon Kennedy), 3 PhD students (Frane Babarovic, Yichen He and Emma Hughes) and 1 research assistant (Zoë Varley).

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Dr Gavin Thomas is the lab PI. General hinderer of productivity.

Dr Chris Cooney is an evolutionary biologist and macroecologist, specialising in speciation.

Frane Babarovic is a PhD student. Working on the colour blue.


Yichen He is a PhD student. Master of machine learning.

Emma Hughes is a PhD student. Loves birds, macroecology and biodiversity.

Zoë Varley is an RA. Museologist masquerading as a scientist.

PhD Students

Magnus Clarke:  Evolutionary models with ecological interactions  (lead supervisor Rob Freckleton)
Emma Jardine (lead supervisor Colin Osborne) http://osbornelab.group.shef.ac.uk/people/emma-jardine/
Kim Mullins (lead supervisor Colin Osborne) http://osbornelab.group.shef.ac.uk/people/kimberley-mullins/


Elliot Capp
Dr Thanh-Lan Gluckman
Michael Jardine
Chris Moody
Lara Nouri
Dr Mark Puttick